TA Essential Pack



  • Desktop and mobile version (iOS & Android)
  • Adobe Lightroom & Camera RAW
  • 9 unique Presets




Want to stop using 100 Preset Packs that only work with one picture? By using the TA Essential Pack you won’t have that issue any more. For the past 5 years I improved the looks further and further to fit every scenario. Inspired by my travels to Northern Ireland, New York City and Australia I perfected the looks. Meanwhile I was working with clients like BMW, Mahle and Schaeffler and never used other presets. I had the chance to make them fit perfectly for my jobs in motorsport like in DTM, Formula E and the American Formula Drift. As I’m also working for racing drivers the presets fit as well for portraits. And I love food. So you can use them to make your meals look stunning. 

After buying the Presets you’re going to receive an e-mail with an invoice confirmation and a link. The download files (desktop and mobile version) are already waiting for you. There are also installation videos where I’m going to explain you how to install and use the Presets.
You’re getting 9 highly produced Presets which you can use by only one click. Of course you’re able to adjust for example the white balance or exposure if you need to.
In addition to the Presets you’ll get two videos where I’m explaining you how to install and use the Presets.
The Presets are working with JPEG and RAW pictures. It doesn’t matter if you’ve taken them with your phone or your camera.
Should the Presets really don’t work with your pictures you can contact me any time. Maybe I can give you some advice. And if you’re still not happy you’re getting your money back.


Use the sliders by moving them to the left and right to see how the pictures look before and after using the presets.