Incorrigible Optimist

If I had to describe my purpose of existence on this planet it would be the following:

It's my purpose to spread my positive and humorous outlook among the people I meet. I'm highly convinced that everything we're putting out into the world, will lead back to us. That is only one reason why I believe in collaboration rather than competing against each other.


Content Creator 

It's my daily business to create social media content for companies. Therefore it's inevitable to catch the emotions of your audience. One of the best ways to reach that goal is storytelling. And that's one of my biggest strengths. Creating stories that lead to an emotional bond between your business and your clients.

What's also very important for me is that we share the same values. I believe that there is no other way for a successful collaboration than working together on a personal and very professional level. It allows us to be way more effective and to create extraordinary content.


Travel lover

I've experienced more than 40 countries and been to a lot of racetracks worldwide. From the Formula Drift in Irwindale, California to the rice fields in Vietnam. From DTM at Norisring to the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. I've already created a lot of unique content for brands like BMW Motorsport, Tourism Ireland, Mahle and Schaeffler. And everytime I met new people there was so much to learn and grow.

Our planet is as diverse as we are. There are so many stories to be told and I'm looking forward to telling them with you.